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Teeth Whitening

Healthy and beautiful teeth are incredibly necessary for a great smile and a great oral health, and it's much simpler and more accessible than ever before to achieve this. Our network dentists help make your teeth whiter and brighter using proven techniques and in a comfy environment located around Richmond Hills.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Whitening procedures offer maximum whitening benefits within the shortest time possible and without affecting teeth health. We guarantee that the right treatments are used which are suitable for sensitive teeth, all done by one of our network’s professional dentists. Our entire process requires the use of gel formulation, which is put in a dual arch mouth tray with whitening material, accompanied by the activation of red and blue LED lights, resulting in beautiful pearly white teeth. Through breaking down stains into smaller pieces, which is what Hydroxyl radicals do when they penetrate the tooth enamel, it whitens teeth. The procedure never damages the tooth enamel and effortlessly fixes discolouration for whiter and brighter teeth.

Take-Home Whitening vs. In-office Whitening

Our dentists are available to guide you through bleaching procedures with all that you need. Tooth whitening can also be performed at home with a take-home kit, but it is recommended to get cleaning while in-office under the guidance of our dental practitioners. This ensures the quickest and optimal results for the procedure.

The in-office whitening will take you roughly 30 to 45 minutes. The process begins by rubbing a whitening gel on the teeth and is then triggered with a light source. Whitening the teeth in-office provides immediate results compared to the do-it-yourself kit.

If you choose to go with a take-home kit, these kits typically include tools like a set of trays and bleaching solutions. The bleaching solutions are used at home as directed by a dentist. Frequent use of the kit can help in attaining and maintaining your desired tooth color.

Professional teeth whitening provides a smile like you’ve never had before. Whether you choose an in-office visit or an at-home option, contact one of these top Richmond Hill Dentists to discuss further about getting the best-looking teeth you can have. For Teeth Whitening In Richmond Hill, don’t hesitate to get started with an appointment or free consultation.

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