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Root Canals: What Are They and How Do They Benefit You

After hearing that you need a root canal strikes fear in the heart and mind of some dental patients. However, when this process is performed by an experienced dentist, it will relieve the pain.

The root can have come a long way from history and today this process is quite quick and less painful from the past. It is quite important to select the right dental care professional to perform your procedure and before going with a root canal treatment it is compulsory to understand the benefits of the root canal.

Why Root canal is necessary?

If your having tooth decay and that is minor, it can usually be repaired with a filling or a crown. But the advanced stage of decay can affect the center of your tooth, where major nerves and roots are located. A root canal is an excellent option because it helps you to avoid an extraction by saving your tooth. This process is a good choice for teeth that have interior decay but still have a healthy portion of their exterior.

What are the benefits of a Root canal?

One of the most amazing benefits that patients enjoy after a root canal is quick and effective relief from their tooth pain and sensitivity. Dentists love hearing that their patients are now able to chew and eat again without any pain.

In addition to decrease pain, root canals can improve the look of your smile and increase your self-confidence.After this process is complete, your tooth will be stronger than ever, so you will have adequate protection against further decay and damage.

What happens during this procedure?

It is important to note that your dental care professional will treat you to make sure that you are free from pain during the process. After giving you local anesthesia and your mouth is sufficiently numb, the dentist will make a small opening in your tooth. The decayed interior including the pulp and nerves will be removed to get rid of the stubborn infection.

Next, your tooth is filled with a composite material. Since this material is the same color as your tooth, it will most likely not noticeable at all after your process is complete. This material also acts as a sealant since it keeps bacteria entering your tooth again.

Depending upon the extent and location of damage, you might need a crown to top your damaged tooth. The crown gives strength to your teeth and adds a layer of protection.

Although patients may feel a bit nervous or even fearful at first when they are told that they will need a root canal, being armed the right factual information about the procedure can help to put them at ease. With the right dentist, a root canal is comfortable and relatively pain-free, as well. Our office is the leader in Richmond Hill for quality root canals. Please give us a call to schedule a free consultation.