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Richmond Hill Dentists attracts the eyes of thousands of new patients each month. You can increase your practice’s success and acquire new patients by joining our network of dentists that deliver remarkable patient experiences.

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Our service helps dentists with high-quality new patients risk free!

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Our service matches high quality and valuable patients that are suited to your dental office. We find ideal patients who are likely to show up to appointments.

No Work

You focus on creating great patient experiences, and we will take care of everything else to expand your new patients. You don’t need to do any work once you sign up.

No-Risk Guaranteed Results

We eliminate all marketing-related risks. Different than other marketing services, at Richmond Hill Dentists, you only pay when a new patient actually shows for their appointment.


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Frequently asked questions

Richmond Hill Dentists is an online platform for patients to find an outstanding new dentist in their area. By matching new patients with great dental health providers, we help dentists expand their practice. Our service introduces a modern way to identify, interact with, and schedule new patients to grow your dental practice.
Richmond Hill Dentists operates in the Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada area. New dental practices are being added to our network all the time. We are quickly expanding our service into new cities every month. Contact us to learn if we are operating in your area.
Thanks to a lot of hard work! Our team reaches out to thousands of new patients everyday using multiple marketing methods such as social media, search engine optimization, digital advertising, and our leads network. We take care of patient acquisition so you can offer extraordinary care.
Richmond Hill Dentists works with dental practices with stellar patient experiences. To qualify, your clinic must have a proven history of positive online reviews and have a well-reputed welcoming environment. To provide the patients coming to our website only the best dental offices, we do not accept applicants with a record of malpractice.
Dentists only pay when we supply new patients that show up to an appointment. It’s a simple model! Pricing depends on a range of factors like the location of the practice and participation in insurance networks. The best way to determine the cost is to contact us for a personalized quote.
Our difference is found in our unique philosophy to provide value to your practice with no-risks. Richmond Hill Dentists does not charge a recurring monthly fee for marketing or to join our network, instead allowing you to pay based on patient leads that show up for an appointment. Since we value honesty and transparency, there are no hidden fees.
Generally, Richmond Hill Dentists review applications within 2-5 business days.After a short survey we schedule a meeting between your office and our team. Following a short orientation, if your dental office is approved, we set you up and you will be all set to receive new patients from our program!